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Foreign Home Buyers Are Looking To Montreal

Foreign Home Buyers Are Looking To Montreal

According to the greater Montreal Real estate Board there were 5,057 residential sales in May, a 15 per cent increase from last year. The median cost of a single family home increased to 6 per cent from last year to $319,000.

“As I understand it, non-resident buyers have been a growing factor in Montreal for some time,” said Doug Porter, chief economist with the Bank of Montreal. “It hasn’t been obvious since the inflows are not as significant as in Vancouver or Toronto, and the underlying market simply isn’t nearly as tight as in those other two cities, so prices have remained well contained. In fact, Montreal appears highly affordable globally, and that by itself may slowly generate more foreign buyer interest. While it’s early to say, certainly there is a good possibility that some flows may now gravitate to Montreal from the GTA”

Mathieu Bedard, an economist with the Montreal Economic Institute asks the question, “I think the question is, does a foreign buyer tax really have an effect?  We saw in Vancouver the market slow down after the tax and then started coming up again. These types of taxes have no long-term effect. It’s only politicians trying to give the impression of taking care of problems but it doesn’t affect the fundamental reason why prices are up and that’s a supply problem.”

According to Gary Marr from the Financial Post, “Vancouver is now seeing cost and sales elevating again after the province put a 15 per cent tax on foreign buyers in August, 2016. Sales in Greater Vancouver in May jumped 22.8 per cent from April, while prices rose 8.8 per cent in May from a year ago and 2.8 per cent from April.”

In the meantime, Carlos Leitao, the Quebec finance minister, said his department has no short term plans of implementing a foreign buyer’s tax, so Montreal is safe for now!

Here are the sales stats for Montreal Real Estate Residential Market May 2017 via the QFREB

Paint Your Bathroom This Color And Boost Your Sales Price!

Paint Your Bathroom This Color And Boost Your Sales Price!

Boost your sales price by $5440.00 by painting your bathroom blue, and this is the data behind it!

Who knew that painting your bathroom blue could significantly increase your sales price!  According to Zillow, after analyzing the sales of 32000 homes, they found that ” homes with blue bathrooms — specifically light shades like powder blue or periwinkle — fetched $5,400 more than expected when sold.”

To get a look at just how much money was realized by room and paint color, check out this chart:

Other colors that made a difference were beiges and grays, “Painting walls in fresh, natural-looking colors, particularly in shades of blue and pale gray not only make a home feel larger, but also are neutral enough to help future buyers envision themselves living in the space,” said Zillow chief economist Svenja Gudell in the report.

According to this chart, painting your dining room brick red will apparently cause you to fetch $2000 less on your home sale and a white bathroom is even worth with approximately, $4000 less.  Brown, yellow and pink, don’t seem to fair well either.

Watch this slideshow from MoneyWatch on;

7 Paint Colors That Can Boost The Value of Your Home

7 paint colors that can boost the value of your home

Even front doors make an impression on prospective buyers. Zillow found that homes with doors painted shades of navy blue to dark gray or charcoal earn a Page 2

Want to know what other improvements increase your home’s value, check out these infographics from Groom & Style:


Read Groom & Styles full article on How To Increase Your Home’s Value


No Foreign Tax In Montreal

No Foreign Tax In Montreal

No Plans For A Foreign Tax In Montreal means that Montrealers can relax safe in the knowledge that there are no plans to implement a tax on foreign buyers that wish to buy Montreal real estate. Vancouver implemented their tax about a year ago, Ontario, in April 2017. Many feared that Montreal would follow suit, but the truth is our real estate market never became overheated like Vancouver or Toronto’s.

According to the article written by CTV News:

“The average prices of all homes in the Montreal area was $364,373 in April, roughly a third of what they are in Vancouver and 40 per cent of property prices in Toronto. And while that represents a year-over-year rise of 7.9 per cent, that still lags the national increase of 10.4 per cent over the last year.

The number of homes purchased by foreigners in Montreal increased by 62 per cent during the first nine months of 2016, but they still only account for about 1.5 per cent of all transactions, according to the Canada Mortgage Housing Corp.”

Based on these numbers, Montreals don’t have to worry about a real estate foreign tax, at least for NOW!

You can read the full CTV News article by clicking on the link below,

No plans to bring in foreign-buyers tax for Montreal: Finance minister

Quebec’s finance minister says he has no plans in the near term to introduce a foreign buyer’s tax on Montreal homes but is open to the idea if one is needed. Carlos Leitao says his department is closely monitoring whether a 15 per cent tax on foreign buyers in the Greater Toronto Area will have a large spillover effect on Montreal real estate prices.


A Garden Of Eden In Quebec

Photo source: Miracle Farms

A Garden Of Eden In Quebec

A Garden Of Eden In Quebec is about an organic permaculture farm in Quebec that really is like the garden of eden! This special place, is called Miracle Farms. It has an abundance of beautiful produce is open for a short time during the summer and early fall.  A 60$ membership, gets you:

  • $20 of UPick foods included
  • One free tour with a guest per year
  • The opportunity to order our grass raised meat
  • The opportunity to come to the farm during our “members only” open days

But most importantly, it gives you the chance to reconnect with nature, the sacredness of our food and the earth! To learn more about Miracle Farm, here’s the link to their website.

To really get an idea of what I mean when I say, “a garden of Eden”, you have to watch the video. Especially if you’re a foodie like I am and are always dreaming about what you’re going to eat next, every half hour!!

Montreal Market Update 2017

Montreal Market Update 2017

The Montreal Market Update 2017 –  It’s hard to believe but the year is halfway over! Some of the stats are in and Montreal’s real estate market has been performing extremely well. I thought I would share the QFREB’s latest market report called          “The Economist”.

According to “The Economist”, “The resale market in Québec had a much better start to the year than we had anticipated. In the first four months of 2017, the increase in residential sales stood at 3 per cent.”

Access the Montreal Market report below:

Centris Sales Stats 2017 vs 2016


Centris April Stats 2017






Montreal Time Lapse – A Cool Experience

Montreal Time Lapse

Montreal Time Lapse is today’s post about some videos that I thought I would share. The first video is called “Merry Montreal” and was created by Joerg Daiber from Spooner Films.  It’s a wonderful expression of Montreal as seen through it’s different seasons, places and time frames.

Whether you love skating, beautiful skylines, or interesting landscapes, this video does a great job of expressing Montreal through time lapse! Enjoy:)

Click here to see more of Joerg Daiber’s videos

More Montreal Time Lapse & Drone Videos

Another cool video that you might enjoy is by Tristan Henry; His video features Montreal as it moves from Day to Night.


I love some of the drone videos that feature Montreal from above!  Here’s a collection of drone videos that offer a neat perspective!

Video by Jonathan Peel

Video by For91days


Montreal’s 375th Birthday

Photo Source Via: Branchez Vous

Montreal’s 375th Birthday

Montreal’s 375th Birthday is happening this summer, with many events planned over the next few months. As usual, I always look forward to summers in Montreal, one of the best times of the year to be in this awesome city! Check out and enjoy watching the film “Magical Montreal” made in honour of Montreal’s 375th birthday;


Montreal’s Concert List:

Summers in Montreal always have their fair share of music and this summer is no exception! To find out what concerts are happening, check out this list from Mtl Blog;

Top Concerts In Montreal For Summer 2017

Alright, show of hands: who here loves summer? (Sidenote: did you hear that? The sound of thousands of hands shooting up at the same exact time? Because I sure did.) READ ALSO: This Video Of People From France Visiting Montreal Has Gone Viral Because, Well, Just Watch It I mean, I can’t blame you guys for loving summer.

There were all kinds of creative ventures planned for Montreal’s 375th birthday such as the performance of the Royale de Luxe giants. The story of the saga of the Giants was born in spring 2009 in the Royal de Luxe workshops in Nantes with a Deep-Sea Diver and a Little Girl-Giant as main characters, … These modern-day tales performed across a city for three days and whose story-lines marry the history of a country are available to a wide audience, sensitive to emotion and poetry procured by these Giants. You can read more about this incredibly creative Royal de Luxe theatre company at

Another impressive venture was the lightshow display on the Jacques Cartier bridge. The project is called “Living Connections” and the bridge corporation calls it a showcase of the city’s creative and engineering talents. If you missed it, you can watch it here.

Montreal 375 The Jacques Cartier Bridge’s Inaugural Light Show

Montreal 375 The Jacques Cartier Bridge’s Inaugural Light Show Cérémonie d’illumination du pont Jacques-Cartier pour le 375e anniversaire de Montréal

To learn more about what’s planned for Montreal’s 375th visit the official website listed below.


Lastly, I thought I would share this video about tourists from France sharing their thoughts about our city. Of course you need to have a decent understanding of French to get what they’re saying!

Des touristes découvrent Montréal

English subtitles included. Click CC. Montreal as seen by (Francophone) tourists. If you would like to help support our Channel, you can donate here: Subscribe for new videos every Sunday! What place should we discover next?

The Biggest Prosperity Opportunity in History: Joel Solomon on the ‘Clean Money Revolution

‘The Biggest Prosperity Opportunity in History’: Joel Solomon on the ‘Clean Money Revolution’

Published in Sustainable Brands by Sheila Shayon

‘The Biggest Prosperity Opportunity in History’: Joel Solomon on the ‘Clean Money Revolution’ is Sustainable Brand’s interview of Joel Solomon on his book and vision for the future.

Who is Joel Solomon? “Solomon is Chair of Renewal Funds, a $98 million, mission-based venture capital firm in Vancouver, Canada. During his career, he has invested in more than 100 early-stage companies that have returned above market value and driven positive change. He is a founding member of the Social Venture Network, Business for Social Responsibility and Tides Canada, and is Board Chair of Hollyhock.” He recently launched his book – The Clean Money Revolution: Reinventing Power, Purpose, and Capitalism, published this month (New Society Press, co-authored by Tyee Bridge).

In his book, Solomon makes the case: “By 2050, $40 trillion will change hands in North America alone – the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history – and the effects will transform the world as we know it.”

What does Solomon sees as the biggest money making opportunity for the future?

“Solomon: The biggest money-making opportunity in history is in reinventing the economy. [Everything] from energy to transportation, the built environment, food systems, waste reduction, clean-up of our industrial messes and infusing a strong commons, while investing in the overhaul of outdated industries and systems, can provide more profits than we really need. 

It’s akin to the rise of the information technology economy. The reinvention for long-term civilization can be centuries of prosperity-drivers.

With a new consumer mindset emerging generationally, the opportunities are staggering. We’re seeing it already. Look at trends in renewables, electric cars, battery technology, organics, prevention in health care, dramatically more efficient buildings, and efficiencies throughout the industrial economy. Consider the biggest companies on the planet and how unthinkable they were a few decades ago. 

The simple motivation is to make money. The reinforcement is being ahead of regulatory pressures as resources become scarcer and ground rules change. Consumer preferences and access to transparency of information on where, how and with what effect on people any given product has, is in rapid change. Connections to personal health of what we eat, breathe and put on our bodies alone will drive a massive shift of capital to cleaner, greener and more just.

Follow the money: We are sitting on the biggest money-making and prosperity opportunity in history right before our eyes. It’s to reinvent the entire economy for cleaner, greener and more fair.”

Solomon makes the argument that  “Humanity has over-reached the carrying capacity of nature.”

Solomon: National security, economic stability and having a good life for future generations is the most persuasive high-minded argument. 

Solomon cites that with population going from less than 3 billion to over 7 billion in his own lifetime, all of our interests, ecological, financial and societal, should compel us to work towards stability and long-term thinking.

Solomon: “How much is enough money for me?” That should be a required question. Blind fear showing up as greed, and lack of any major societal institutions to guide us otherwise, leaves us with a permanently immature psychological level, where ruthless fear/greed, win power and mess things up for all the rest of us. Inquiry is basic to mature intelligence in good leadership.

One of the concepts he also talks about is the value of entrepreneurs learning “inner skills”. When asked what he means by that, this is his response;

Solomon: These times demand even more emotional intelligence, self-mastery and spiritual understanding. With all our advancements as modern civilization, we neglect training of basic human skills of conflict resolution, big-picture and long-term thinking, lifting above the self, calming anxiety and accessing higher intelligence.

Understanding relationships, effective communication, emotional maturity, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility to a bigger picture are all part of wisdom. These are the skills of psychology, sociology, spiritual practice, self-examination, humility and right relationship. 

They are increasingly essential skills for the leadership required for the state of our species, planet and times.

The meaning behind his advice on  “Watch the fringes to know where the mainstream is headed.”

Solomon: They are both unprecedented in creating blind damage and providing brilliant solutions. I can only bet on the latter and throw myself into that potential, doing my best as an ancestor to the future to make the best, most constructive contribution I can make. I believe all the ancestors of all times had that point of view primarily as their ultimate meaning and purpose.

Future generations are “watching us right now.” They are studying this period, where we had it all, yet may have squandered our privilege. They will be asking the obvious questions many of us alive today have forgotten, or become too complacent or lazy, to ask.

How did we sit by and let happen ecological collapse, and blow the chance for peaceful co-existence?

I spend my time on fringes. Now I’ve lived long enough and seen enough to have absolute confidence the fringes are full of value and positive opportunity. 

There is no possible smarter conclusion than that we should be mobilizing the entire resources of the affluent of the world towards using our smarts as long-term thinkers and creators, to slow down our damaging and destructive blind-spot practices. We need to know what “enough” is!

There is more than enough money in the world to solve every challenge – perhaps other than human ignorance, fear and greed.




Discover The Best Montreal Neighborhoods To Invest

 Discover The Best Montreal Neighborhoods To Invest


The best Montreal neigborhoods to invest in are sprinkled across the city. There are several things to take into consideration before investing.  After taking the decision to to buy a Montreal property, it’s most important to review your primary investment objective.  Is your investment strategy a long term buy and hold over the next 20 years, or is it short term where you’ll buy, hold and sell, and look for high rental yields. Ideally, it’s smart to purchase a solid property with a great location that will only appreciate in value over the years. If the potental rental yield is high, then you end up with the best of both worlds.

A Nice Selection Of Neighborhoods To Invest In!


Thankfully we have a nice selection of Montreal neighborhoods to choose from. The neighborhoods I find are strong are Old Montreal, Le Plateau Mont Royal, including Mile End. Parts of downtown Montreal. Rosemont Le Petit Patrie, St Henri, Pointe Saint Charles, Griffintown. Each quartier has it’s own style, demographic, price point and clientelle.

In general, rents for a one bedroom in these neighborhoods run the gamut from between $1400 – $1800, two bedrooms, from $1600 – $2400, of course this depends on the size, amenities, level of luxury, parking, furnished or not, and proximity to local transportation. We also can’t forget that the golden three rules of real estate still ring true;



3)Remember rule number one and two!

Information Source Via

Rental incomes in Canada Montreal yields 5.4% to 7%, Toronto yields from 4.4% to 5%


“If you are looking for rental returns, Montreal is the city that you want.”


Last Updated: Jan. 27, 2017
Casa Loma condos 7,073 26.81 4.55% 657 2.49
Forest Hill condos 5,774 29.44 6.12% 536 2.74
Lawrence Park South condos 7,600 27.14 4.29% 706 2.52
Rosedale-Moore Park condos 12,181 24.51 2.41% 1,132 2.28
The Annex condos 7,986 27.72 4.16% 742 2.57
Yorkville condos 9,409 31.17 3.98% 874 2.90
Coal Harbour condos 11,909 n.a. n.a. 1,106 n.a.
Davie Village condos 8,784 n.a. n.a. 816 n.a.
Downtown condos 9,615 n.a. n.a. 893 n.a.
Gastown condos 7,583 n.a. n.a. 704 n.a.
Kitsilano condos 8,077 n.a. n.a. 750 n.a.
West End condos 10,552 n.a. n.a. 980 n.a.
West Point Grey condos 6,999 n.a. n.a. 650 n.a.
Yaletown condos 9,549 n.a. n.a. 887 n.a.
Source: Definitions: Data FAQ See also: Update Schedule

“Situation normal” for rental returns in Canada – returns on apartments in Montreal outpace those in Toronto. What is perhaps more surprising is how well these rental yields are holding up, remaining firmly in the satisfactory range. If you own a small apartment of 60 sq. m. in Montreal and rent it out, you are likely to make a return of around 7%. In this low-return era, in a low-risk country such as Canada, that is a really acceptable, not to say enticing, yield.

Even on a largish 120 sq. m. apartment in Montreal, you are likely to earn a gross rental return of 5.4%.

In Toronto, gross rental yields are lower, at between 4.4% to 5%. Taking account of the fact that we give gross figures – a guess might be that net yields would be 2% lower – then obviously the difference in returns between Montreal and Toronto is really significant.


For more detailed information on the numbers and Montreal neighborhoods to invest, drop me an email, I look forward to hear from you!

Montreal Real Estate A Golden Opportunity For Foreign Investors

Montreal Real Estate A Golden Opportunity For Foreign Investors

Montreal Real Estate is a golden opportunity for foreign investors with U.S. or stronger currency! This beautiful city of Montreal, my home and birthplace has witnessed many  roller coaster rides as far as the real estate market is concerned.  Our steaming hot real estate market came to an end in 2012, only to find it roar back and on pace to meet or beat it’s pre-market records of 2012.

Our city has always been like a best kept secret. With fantastic food and restaurants, boutique shops, European flavor, incredible diversity of peoples, neighborhoods, and culture, Montreal is and remains a wonderful place to live or just hangout for lengthy periods of time.  You can say that I’m not objective, but that wouldn’t be true. After living in the U.S. for more than eight years, in two great citys, NY and LA, which are both quite spectacular for different reasons, I can honestly say, Montreal has it’s own unique things on offer.

I must confess I’m a girl whose heart lies in her stomach, so generally I’m happy whereever there’s a celebration of great food.

Check out some of Anthony Bourdain’s Montreal travel tips or watch the layover episode here.


” Best Places to Eat

“Unapologetically over the top. This place is where you want to be: sucking down oysters and good wine at Joe Beef.”A visit to Schwartz’s (beef) is a must. “You can’t not do this when you come to Montreal.”You don’t come to Montreal to eat French food. Food is, however, a major reason to come to Montreal.
Old Montreal
“It’s old. It’s pretty. Nowadays it’s a magnet for tourists.”
Montreal’s “Underground City”
A collection of cheap clothing stores, drug stores, metro stations, etc. — it’s a shopping mall. Enough said.
Getting Around
“Modeled after the Paris Metro, the Montreal metro is not bad. Ride the train for about $3 for a trip, or $8 for a 24-hour pass.”Information Source: Anthony Bourdain #noreservationsFor the full list of restaurants, watch the episode!

Now aside from all the fabulous food Montreal has on offer, the investment opportunity for those with U.S. or stronger currency to invest, is spectacular. Whether you’re investment objectives are to get a great return on your dollar over time, or a vacation pied-a-terre, the investment numbers don’t lie. To illustrate the point, let’s for example take a property purchase price of $400k, which by the way would buy you a teepee in Toronto or outhouse in Vancouver….. 400k in Montreal would buy you a nice one bedroom condo in a desirable Montreal neighborhood.  In U.S. funds, 400k, according to todays exchange rate becomes $292815.06 U.S. dollars. A discount of over $100k. If you know of another product or investment with anything close to that kind of discount, please let me know!

Of course it’s still important to get proper advice in selecting a great property and neighborhood. I would encourage anyone whose wondering what to do with their available investment funds to take advantage of this golden opportunity in our current Montreal real estate market! Be smart and in the know, while Montreal still remains one of the best kept secrets, for now.


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