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The Coolest Neighbourhood In Montreal!

The coolest neighbourhood in Montreal without question is Le Plateau! Every week I go to the Mile End section of Le Plateau for yoga class. I’m fortunate to be in this part of Montreal every weekend as there’s always something new to discover in this neighborhood! The people and shops are so diverse and eclectic, the streets beam with so much character. Real estate wise, there are such colorful, beautiful brownstone like structures with antique architectural details. There’s a fantastic creative energy that lives here, reminding me of the days I lived in Soho New York. A colleague of mine from Texas who purchased a pied a terre in Le Plateau, where she chooses to spend her summers, recently showed me this article. I’m sharing it with you because it really gives you the feeling of what’s it’s live to live and hang out in this wonderful Montreal neighborhood. If there’s another quartier that you feel is the coolest neighborhood in Montreal, I’d love to know about it!

Here’s a great article written by Michael D’alimonte and Laura Hanrahan for Montreal Blog:

Montreal Neighbourhood Ranked #1 Coolest To Live In The Entire World

To discover more about the virtues about living in Le Plateau & Mile End, you can read the article below!

Montreal Neighbourhood Ranked #1 Coolest To Live In The Entire World

When you’re asked by anyone “what are the coolest areas in Montreal?” a few options rise in your mind, depending on who’s asking. If the questioner is new to the city, you may say The Plateau. If they’re looking for a gay old time, then maybe The Village.


The Benefits of Living In Le Plateau

Photo © by Bonnie Meisels

Just this week I finally had the opportunity to meetup with Judy, a fellow Texan colleague of mine.  She got wise years ago about buying property here in Montreal. The summers in Texas are brutally hot, somewhat in comparison to our winters that are often insanely cold! Thankfully, this past winter here in Montreal, was one of the mildest on record. I’m afraid to think about this winter coming up, all I can say is I hope we don’t get an extremely harsh one in response to the mild one we had last year! While some of us Montrealers flee south for parts of our winter, my colleague flees north, here to Montreal for her summers. Years ago she discovered and fell in love with Le Plateau deciding to take the plunge and purchase a vacation property there. In fact she sent me an article written by Stephen J. Lyons, for The American Way that seemed to reflect a similar experience to hers of the Le Plateau neighborhood. You can read the article below;


The Mont-Royal Treatment

At the POP Montreal headquarters in the heart of Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood, it’s easy to get caught up in the creative buzz. Far from the gleaming skyscrapers of downtown Montreal, th

Rooftop Urban Gardens In Quebec

Rooftop Urban Gardens in Quebec

Rooftop urban gardens and sustainable food systems is what began my interest in green real estate. I have been a member of Batiments Durable de Quebec for several years now. Batiment Durable de Quebec is the Montreal  chapter of the Canada Green Building Council. Their events are a fantastic resource for learning about sustainability.  Whether it’s about green building practices, permaculture or urbain agriculture, there’s always something to be inspired about. My entire journey into green real estate began with my love and obsession with sustainable food systems, permaculture and urban agriculture. Without question, my heart is in my stomach! . Some people eat to live, but I live to EAT and I’m passionate about eating wholesome delicious food!

Le Batiment Durable in collaboration with Le Groupe de travail sur les toitures végétalisées (GTTV), and Bell Fibe TV1, produced a 4 part, documentary series of 30 minutes each. The documentary explores the world of vegetated roofs in Quebec for the past 15 years,” says Denis Gingras, Director of Sales at Hydrotech and instigator of the initiative with the WGTA.

” Featuring The local actors on the greening of our buildings, the episodes show projects, issues and opportunities of vegetated roofs in Quebec,” says Roxanne Miller, coanimatrice with Antoine Trottier.

Learn more about rooftop urban gardens here in Quebec by watching the four part series below.

Information source:

Les toitures végétalisées expliquées – Capsule 1

Uploaded by CBDCa Québec on 2016-06-29.

Les toitures végétalisées expliquées – Capsule 2

Uploaded by CBDCa Québec on 2016-06-29.

Les toitures végétalisées expliquées – Capsule 3

Uploaded by CBDCa Québec on 2016-06-29.

Les toitures végétalisées expliquées – Capsule 4

Uploaded by CBDCa Québec on 2016-06-29.


Fabulous Green Condo For Sale

Green Condo For Sale

Fabulous green condo in the beautiful and quiet Bois Franc neighborhood in Saint-Laurent. This awesome new construction, 2014/2015 features two bedrooms and two baths. The building called Bella Vista Phase I is by Rodimax. It is surrounded by exquisite high end homes in a cul de sac type of setting near parks and public transit. As an eco condo, the building has already applied for LEED Certification. Watch the video to get a feel for the lovely design of the condo!

Some of the sustainable features of this eco condo are:

Water fixtures are Bélanger H2OFlo collection style “Metro”

They are “Very high efficiency” fixtures as per USGBC – the U.S. Green Building Council

Also, more information could be found on Belanger web site

The windows are PVC “low argon” energetic glass, certified Energy Star.

To learn more about LEED Certified buildings and ecohomes, visit

3625 Jean Gascon #502

Take advantage of this rare 2 bedroom 2 bath condo available in the 2014/2015 Bella Vista Phase 1 construction in the desirable Bois Franc neighborhood. High end finishings, corner unit with lovely vues from the balcony. Stainless appliances and beautiful floors. Large light filled windows, storage locker and one garage space included.


Luxury Condo In Montreal Offered at 1.4 Million

Luxury Condo In Montreal Offered at 1.4 Million

This gorgeous luxury condo in Montreal  is up for sale now that P.K. has been transferred to the Nashville Predators. No doubt, this is a sad loss for Montreal, but PK will no know longer need his Montreal crib. His awesome downtown condo is up for sale for a cool $1.3 Million. The condo is 1,887 square feet and has a super location in the heart of Centre-Ville Montreal.  For a sneek peek, here’s the article featured by The Star which showcases the details.

Alex Toulch from Rebl House Media just did a wonderful documentary, Skate Past the Noise – P.K. Subban: The Off-Season premieres tonight on Canal D- La page officielle at 7:30p ET & RDS at 8:30p ET and on Friday, November 18 at 10:00pm ET on HBO Canada

Read the article here:

See P.K. Subban’s Montreal luxury condo, listed for $1.4 million | The Star

Former Montreal Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban has put his downtown Montreal condo up for sale for $1.4 million. Subban, who got traded to the Nashville Predators in June, is selling his condo at 1227 Sherbrooke St. W. in downtown Montreal, his realtor’s office confirmed.


Montreal Market Sales For August 2016


Montreal residential market sales in the Montréal CMA increased by 13% in August 2016. What a big improvement compared to August of last year. This was the 17th sales increase in the past 18 months. All of the details will be revealed in the GMREB’s monthly press release, which was published on Wednesday.

Check out the  video version of the latest Montreal Market stats for August 2016, courtesy of Centris.

To download the report, visit my montreal real estate reports page


Centris Sales Statistics – August 2016

Uploaded by CIGM GMREB on 2016-09-07.

5 reasons Gen X moms are the best real estate agents

As a mother of 3 plus one kids, I can honestly say that I love this article that makes the best case as to why us Gen X moms make the best real estate agents!



Key Takeaways
Youth is honored in our society, but often age holds way more value.
Technology and response time are not only dependent upon age. Often in an effort to keep up with youth, older people embrace technology as well.
Sometimes buyers and sellers need and want a mother’s touch; someone taking care of them and their needs. Motherhood prepares us to not be surprised by millennials wants in a home — and to be creative in helping them find it.
The Broke Agent is all over real estate social media. The Broke Agent is run by Eric Simon who has a slew of writers that write comedic real estate content. Lots of The Broke Agent’s stuff is hilarious to me, as a real estate agent agent. Simon and crew recently posted this blog: “Five Reasons to Work with Millennial Agents.”

The very first blog I ever wrote was about why agents get better with age, so I, of course, took issue with this blog from The Broke Agent. So I came up with my own twist: why millennials should work with Gen X moms.

Some of us are old enough to parent millennials, or we parent the Y Generation (depending on whose definition of millennial you use), which makes us brilliant when dealing with millennials.

5 reasons millennials should work with Generation X real estate agents

Here are five reasons millennials should choose Gen X moms as their agents:

1. Quick response time? Absolutely

We have adapted to technology, though it isn’t part of us like it is for millennials. But we have kids, and they text and message — so we do too.

They are on social media, and so are we. It might have started out that we joined up just to see what our kids were posting and what their friends were posting, but we have embraced it all.

And likely you will find us everywhere. Friend us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter; find us on Instagram — we are there, sometimes with several pages.
2. Tech savviness — check!

We might not be the very first to use something, but we certainly aren’t the last to adopt new technology. We listen openly to suggestions and ideas knowing that there is always a lot to learn.

We have had to keep up with our kids so they have everything they need, and we can help them (and we can spy on them). We are open to, and used to learning new things — nothing scares us.

3. Emotional involvement — we care

We often treat transactions like one of our children. We oversee all of the details. We make sure you are doing your part. We follow up with all of the players involved.

When things blow up, you know what we don’t do? We don’t give up. We work harder, we look for a different angle, a different way to make a negotiation work. We get creative.

We are used to solving problems so that our people come out on top where they belong. You don’t mess with mama bears.

4. Personal experience — we’ve got loads of it

You’re probably going to get that with us too. Remember, we are moms. We have had to juggle our careers with raising our children.

We knew we could dominate the real estate world, but we chose our family. We have chosen to live with less money and more time with our kids.

We wanted to have the time to work with each and every client because we have a passion for the job; and we don’t want to step away from the property showing and listings. We still love it.

5. We might party, but we aren’t so old that we forgot how to dance on the bar

But chances are, we will give you something awesome instead of picking up the bar tab. Something that you really need or want for your new house.

Because we listen, we pay attention, and we want to take care of you — because we are moms. We want you to remember us, so we want to give you something that makes you think of us all the time, and maybe feel guilty for not calling us lately.

Mom plus agent equals superhero

I think it’s clear that a Gen X mom is the bomb when it comes to real estate agents.

One thing we also most likely have is experience, so those issues that might derail a deal with a less seasoned agent, we handle with ease.

We are also able to advise millennials and use our own experiences and our previous clients’ experiences to make sure they don’t make the mistakes we did or have seen so many times.

We will also most likely make millennials feel like the rock stars they are for having a job and saving up enough to cover closing costs. We will understand the need for an Xbox room, even if you’re 30. And we can help you budget finances and keep things in perspective, just like we do for our kids.

We might even be familiar with your music, and no one can do a driving dance party like a Gen X mom because we don’t care what people think of us anymore.

We are basically at our prime. We know we are cool, we know what matters in life, and we know millennials need to buy a house.

Beat that Broke Agent; you just got served, son — boom!

Mary McIntosh is a real estate agent with Re/Max Infinity.




Reaping The Rewards Of Going Green

This story is about an Ontario man who decided to take full advantage of all the program and rebates that were available for him to go green. He installed solar panels on his roof, purchased an electric vehicle and installed a charging station for himself.  Not only has he been able to lower his energy costs but he’s been able to subsidize his electrical bills by selling his energy production surplus back to his utility grid. Read the full story below, story by Doug Shmidt for the Windsor Star;

Montreal Real Estate And Foreign Investment As Of August 2016

Foreign Investment in Canada And Montreal

Foreign investment up until August has been slower in Montreal than other parts of Canada like Vancouver. But this is set to change. Read about new measures imposed on foreign investment in the Vancouver market in this informative article by Benjamin Shingler for the CBC on how the new tax imposed on foreign buyers in Vancouver should effect our Montreal real estate market. The article also provides a snapshot comparable of the average home price in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.  With no surprise, the average home price in Vancouver is three times the average home price in Montreal. Read the article below.

Could Montreal’s real estate market be the next target for foreign investors? | CBC News

A new tax on foreign buyers in Vancouver has real estate agents predicting a spillover effect into other Canadian markets. But it’s unclear if Montreal, often an outlier when it comes to real estate trends, will be among them. “I really don’t think this is something that’s looming for Montreal,” said Martin Desjardins, a Montreal realtor with Sutton Quebec.


Featured page photo by Bonnie Meisels©, all rights reserved




Gary Keller On Real Estate 2016

One of the foremost, respected thought leaders in real estate is Gary Keller. One of the founders of the number one real estate franchise in the United States. Every year he presents a keynote address pertaining to the market status. This year he presented his slide deck on the real estate market in 2016. I’m sharing it here below, it’s always good to learn something….

Shared via Inman

Gary Keller’s Vision Speech Slide Deck

Gary Keller covered a lot of ground in his vision speech at Keller Williams Family Reunion on Sunday, February 14. Here are the slides he used in his presentation.