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Royal Banks Canadian Housing Health Check Report

Royal Bank of Canada just released it’s report called “The Canadian Housing Health Check” published this May 2016. It looks at the housing market in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, reporting on the various risk factor ratings across those markets.

Click on the icon in the corner to pop out and view the pdf or download the report.

Westmount Montreal – A Visual Experience

Great video by the city of Westmount. As you’ll see from the video, Westmount is one of the most beautiful older neighborhoods in Montreal with plenty of green spaces, quaint shops and restaurants. Learn more about the Westmount neighborhood

Lieux à Westmount | Westmount Landmarks

Une vue spectaculaire des édifices municipaux et espaces de la Ville de Westmount. | A spectacular bird’s eye view of the City of Westmount’s Municipal Buildings and spaces. Music: Summer Mvt 1 Allegro non molto by John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License.


The Smart Apartment

This smart aparment designed by LAAB Architects in Hong Kong. “This transformable micro-apartment is the future of city living”


The Smart Apartment

This micro-apartment is the future of city living. Find out more at

The video is posted by INSIDER and click here to visit the LAAB Architect website. The website features some of their awesome art and architecture


Big Data And Real Estate

I recently real an article by Michael Andersen on Medium entitled  “A guy just transcribed 30 years of for-rent ads. Here’s what it taught us about housing prices“.  It’s a great read to understand how looking at the data tells an important story such as the state of employment and salaries over the many years.  Have a read below;

A guy just transcribed 30 years of for-rent ads. Here’s what it taught us about housing prices

Update: Before you read this, know that there’s since been some pretty persuasive criticism of Fischer’s initial model (and therefore my analysis of it) summarized . His raw data, in any case, is unimpeached.) I don’t know anything about Eric Fischer except that he’s a freaking hero.


Better Business, Better World: Mainstreaming the Circular Economy

If you’re at all interested in the sustainable economy or the concept of a circular economy which envisions a better way forward for our world and the ways of doing business, I highly suggest you check out this free, livestream conference taking place live, at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC.   Featured Photo by Marina del Castell

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Canada’s luxury real estate gets pricier and pricier

Realtors suggest that more than 25% of luxury properties now purchased by foreign buyers Via MoneySense


Canada’s luxury real estate gets pricier and pricier

It can be argued that no segment of the real estate market has been more affected by foreign buyer money than Canada’s luxury real estate market. Now a new survey released by Royal LePage sheds some light on the impact foreign buyers have had on this segment of the market.