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Real estate market to slow in 2016, RBC says

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Canadian real estate market to slow in 2016, RBC says

TORONTO – Activity in Canada’s real estate market will slow “modestly” next year as interest rates begin to rise, according to a new report from RBC Economics. The report pegs the risk of an outright crash in real estate as low, saying RBC expects the economy to grow and that interest rates will likely rise gradually starting next year.

Why 2015 Was A Great Year For Humanity

It appears as if the general mood everywhere is that things have gotten progressively worse over time, with 2015 highlighting some hard to ignore serious problems like Isis and climate change. Well contrary to how things seem, this fascinating article “11 Reasons Why 2015 Was A Great Year For Humanity” by Angus Hervey shares some interesting data points that show some major milestones in the incredible progress humanity has in fact achieved.

11 Reasons Why 2015 Was a Great Year For Humanity – Future Crunch – Medium

As 2015 draws to a close, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’d claim that it’s been a good year for the human race. The bad news has been relentless: war in Syria, a refugee crisis in Turkey and Europe, earthquakes in Nepal, terrorist attacks in Paris, mass shootings in the US, floods in India.

Something Extraordinary Is Happening in the World, And Most People Haven’t Noticed

Story Via Huffington Post by Gustavo Tanaka

Have you noticed the world is changing…

Something Extraordinary Is Happening In The World, But Most People Haven’t Noticed

Most of us haven’t quite realized there is something extraordinary happening. A few months ago, I freed myself from standard-procedure society. I broke the chains of fear that kept me locked up into the system. Since then, I see the world from a different perspective: the one that everything is going through change and that most of us are unaware of that.

Design I Love Series

Every now and then I’ll be sharing home design photos that I love. This one is from Freshome. It features a non kitchen style kitchen in Montreal.

‘Non-Kitchen’ Kitchen in Montreal Showcases Souvenirs –

An ode to travels and souvenirs, this kitchen renovation in Montreal, Canada, began with a deep desire to inundate the space with memories of the owner’s adventures. The result (as delivered by Cuisines Steam ) is a sleek, dynamic kitchen that is not only highly personalized, but tells the story of the unique objects that it houses.

A Different Type of Real Estate

Featured Image via CBS

A Different Type of Real Estate

A different type of real estate features a fantastic piece from CBS Sunday Morning, one of my favorite shows on TV that I’ve been watching and loving for more than 25 years now! This video is about an artist Ra Paulette, an artist who has redefined the categories of real estate….

CBS Sunday Morning piece;

Ra Paulette’s caves

The artist has dug epic works of art, and even homes, out of New Mexico’s sandstone hills

Watcht the YouTube video:


Read about Ra Paulette,

Ra Paulette – Wikipedia

Paulette created Windows of the Earth Shrine in northern New Mexico for a resort north of Santa Fe. The current resort and retreat center, Origin at Rancho de San Juan, provides the public with the opportunity to view and visit the cave sanctuary on guided, docent led tours, by appointment.

Ra Paulette’s Hand-Carved Caves

For over 25 years, New Mexico artist Ra Paulette has been creating natural crevasses in the New Mexico wilderness and painstakingly chiseling, digging, and carving intricate underground wonderlands before simply moving on and leaving them to their fate.

Montreal Real Estate A Relative Bargain Amid Rising House Prices

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Montreal Real Estate A Relative Bargain Amid Rising House Prices

MONTREAL – Sergio Bonici is disappointed that his fourplex in Montreal has attracted little interest in four months on the market. Despite only 10 people coming for a viewing, the 50-year-old has no plans to budge from his asking price of $525,000, saying the property is a revenue-generator and ideally located near a Metro station and hospital in the borough of Verdun.

Take note Canada – why Singapore has the smartest kids in the world

I just finished watching Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s report on CNN’s  “Vital Signs” on why Singapore has the smartest kids in the world. What an inspiring and thought provoking story. Take note Quebec, and the rest of Canada! Here in Quebec, our teachers are striking as our Provincial government wants to significantly increase the amount of students a teacher has per class. Teachers here are repeatedly asked to keep absorbing nonsensical cuts to our education system. Our education system is the foundation of what our societies will look like in the future. If we’re not investing in our children, and the re-education of our older generations, the future doesn’t look so bright. We need new thinking and transformation in our educational institutions, away from silos, into emergent new platforms that encourage creative and divergent thinking. With our new Canadian Government in place, I hope that change will mean new funding for the anemic state of our struggling education and healthcare institutions which serve as the basic backbone to our good Canadian way of life.

Watch this! CNN’s Vital Signs – Why Singapore has the smartest kids in the world

Why Singapore has the smartest kids in the world –

Many Happy Returns: Investors Are Flocking to Real Estate, But Will It Lead to a Bubble?

With the Canadian dollar being so low in relation to the U.S. dollar, markets like Quebec can hold some promising investing opportunities. For an interesting read, here is an article by Daniel Rosen for Blueprint by CBRE.

Many Happy Returns: Investors Are Flocking to Real Estate, But Will It Lead to a Bubble? – Blueprint, presented by CBRE

If you had a dollar and an eye toward the future, which of these assets would you invest in: bonds, equities or real estate? According to data from the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF), you may want to put your dollar in real estate.